T&E Software Product

Provides “Actionable Awareness” to the director while conducting a training or test exercise by answering:

The planning questions:

  • ADMAS-1
  • ADMAS-2
  • DSC00088
  • DSC00096
  • DSC00099
  • freewave
  • robot
  • spider1
• “Is the network fully operational?"
• "Are the network devices in the correct locations?”
• “Are the network devices configured as planned?"
• "Are all network devices communicating?"
• "Are all network devices communicating?"

The execution questions:

  • “Are the network devices initialized as planned?”
  • “Are the network devices operating as planned?”
  • “Is the event orchestration proceeding as planned?”
  • “Is critical data being collected as planned?”

The review questions:

  • “Is the data complete and consistent?”
  • “Does the data support observations?”
  • What transpired at any given time during the event?”