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TEI-Designed and Developed Software

Training and Test Event Planning, Execution, and Review

The TEI-developed, government-owned software is an advanced training/test command and control tool suite that maximizes distributed systems event automation. The tool suite provides "actionable awareness" the event director. The tool suite allows the event director to plan, execute, and review distributed events repeatably with confidence that everything starts and executed according to plan. The tool suite accomplishes this task by configuring, initializing, monitoring, and controlling instrumentation, simulations/stimulations, hardware, middleware and other software. The tool suite utilizes standard training/test range communications infrastructure, including LAN, WAN, and wireless communications, to inter-operate with distributed network components. The tool suite supports the fusion of planning, configuration, instrumentation, and collected data extracted during distributed training and test exercises. The tool suite is fully configurable and can be extensively customized to meet ever changing training and testing needs.

TEI-Designed, Developed,  and Maintained Software Provides:
  • Training and Test Planning Services
  • Training and Test Rehearsal
  • Distributed Training and Test Control
  • Control Scenario & Instrumentation
  • Training and Test Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Training and Test Playback
  • Training and Test Reporting Services
  • The Software consists of Components that:
    • facilitate the automation of the functions needed to plan, execute, and manage a military distributed training or test exercise.
    •  support the fusion of planning, configuration, instrumentation, and live data extracted during  distributed military training and test exercises.
    • are fully configurable and can be extensively customized  to meet ever changing military training and testing needs.
    • expose a core Application Program Interface (API) that facilitates data collection, harmonization, reduction, and analysis.