Training, Test, & Evaluation Support

Under Government contract for the past 16 years, TEI has provided on-site support for Military training, testing, & evaluation (T&E).  To realize its mission, TEI has developed software  that automates many aspects of a Training or T&E event.

TEI’s automation provides actionable awareness during all phases of your distributed Training or T&E event and ensures that the event is:

  • Absolutely repeatable
  • Fully Documented from plan to After action review (AAR)
  • Easily Analyzed

The automation software encompasses:


  • Build a distributed lay-down to the port and protocol level from scratch or import a lay-down and modify it as needed
  • Develop an execution plan consisting of a set of mission threads that define the sequence of ordered activities within a test or training event (DoDAF 10c)
  • Display and print plans


  • Software configuration management (CM) report
  • Hardware CM report
  • System “Cut-Sheet” report


  • Determine that the distributed lay-down was setup as planned
  • Verify both hardware and software
  • Verification/validation report


  • Set each system and device to the start-of-event specifications
  • Verify each system and device is event ready
  • System readiness display


  • Set the plan in motion
  • Enable ad Hoc execution as required
  • System execution displays in several formats


  • Determine and display execution events
  • Determine and display adherence to plan
  • Record plan execution


  • Gracefully stop execution
  • Record graceful stop

After action review (AAR):

  • Reports, displays, and exports of what happened from a director’s perspective
  • Journaling of all events